TH-200G Auto-dispenser


stainless steel with a separate lifting gantry. Dual-purpose dispenser machine used for both oxygen absorbers, fully adjustable from 20cc up to our 500cc and silica gel desiccants, fully adjustable from 0.25-gram up to our 5.0-gram. Based on our high-end silica gel dispenser, with photo-eye sensor for silica gel and thickness sensor for oxygen absorber. A portable Adjustable Supporting Base that provides Easy Mount over or Alongside a Production Line. The unit can be a master or slave to an existing line. A photoelectric sensor will trigger when to dispense and will stop cutting if detecting possible false cut to eliminate the danger of opening the sachet into production. Simple to use and integrate just plug directly into a 110 VAC or 220 VAC. Our latest improvement includes, the machine can be remotely diagnosed when it is connected online via Wi-Fi.