Container/Cargo Desiccants

Main Function

Moisture-proof packaging system solutions and professional services, protect your valuable goods from humidity damage

Dry Guard Plus

  • Double “breathing area”, which makes absorption faster, more effective in the same space and period;
  • Laminated non-woven Strips with a hook are inserted into the container grooves, without occupying loading space.
  • Reduce relative humidity, control “dew point”, protect the cargo during the whole ocean voyage.
  • Moisture damage

    For many years, thousands of containerized cargoes are damaged by moisture problems. When the containers arrive at destination, metal is found to be rusty or oxidized, cartons become soft and moldy, bulk coffee, cocoa, beans may become damp and musty. Such loss sometimes costs several million dollars and is caused by two main reasons: Cargo Sweat and Container Rain.

    Container moisture solution

    Focus on the supply of desiccant products and moisture-proof packaging system solutions and professional services, protect your valuable goods from humidity damage. For containerized cargo dampness, we provide our series of container desiccants, which create a dry environment in the container. It can effectively absorb humidity, and control “dew point” temperature below the actual temperature, and thus prevent mildew and rust formation.

    Super absorption

    According to the test results of authoritative international organization, Dry Guard Plus uses absorbent in a formula, its absorption capacity reaches over 250% in 30-days and keeps absorbing moisture for 60-days, the saturated absorption can reach 300%. We can provide TUV 30 days absorption test Report.

    Absorbent: turn into gel, no liquid

    Dry Guard Plus uses the mixture of CaCl2 as well as a high-water adsorption material as its absorbent. Its absorption capacity reaches over 250% at 25 °C, 90% RH. More importantly, this special mixture material turns into a solid gel after full absorption. Most of other CaC12 desiccants, the CaC12 powders inside sachets turns into entire liquid when the absorption reaches 60%-80%. This state of being liquid lasts several days or even longer (depending on the temperature & humidity conditions), then it slowly turns into gel.
    It is a high-risk period when the absorbent remains in liquid form. When the desiccant sachets are squeezed or pressed during transport or operation, the joint of sealing part has arisk to be cracked and damaged. As aresult, the leakage occurs from the inside liquid, and the customers’ goods can become polluted by the leakage.


    Pack Size (mm) 350*450
    Net Weight (g)1,000 grams
    Pack Qty (pcs/carton)6-Strips

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    Widely used in various fields including: semiconductor and electronic products, metal products, military products, precision instruments, chemical materials, medicine, health care products, food packaging, canned goods, pet food, textiles, furniture, leather products, bulk grains, agricultural products, transport of goods and warehousing.

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