OxyFree TM 504A oxygen absorber (also called oxygen scavenger):

        General-purpose oxygen absorber (also called oxygen scavenger)

        Absorb both O2 & CO2

        Iron-based formula.

        Oil-proof packet.



With relatively strong capacity of oxygen and carbon dioxide absorption, it will satisfy the requirement of keeping freshness on a wide variety of food products (the water activity value, Aw, <0.75). By effectively removing oxygen and carbon dioxide and create a O2 & CO2-free environment in a sealed package, it will keep the freshness, original taste and color of foodstuff, and prevent it from staling, oxidative rancidity, growth of mold, aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. It will also effectively prevent the development of corrosion, rustiness, and the growth of mold on sealed clothing, instrument, etc.



1. Freshness preservation of perishable food, such as Chinese moon cake, pasty, Chinese and Western pastry, cake, bread, Hamburg, etc.
2. Prevent dried meat and fish product, such as ham, sausage, pork or beef jerky, dried squid, dried shrimps, etc from the development of mold, oil oxidation or rancidity, and staling.
3. Protect dehydrated fruits and vegetables, i.e. walnut, peanut, cashew nut, red jujube, bean products, against moth, growth of mold, color degradation, and oxidative rancidity.
4. Maintain the quality and flavor of pharmaceutical products, such as herb, vitamins, ginseng, oriental medication, etc. and suppress the growth of moth, mould and microorganisms.
5. Preserve the quality of tea, tobacco, grain, leather, etc.
6. Achieve rust-proof of metal, long-term preservation of antique, and other valuable instrument.


Product packaging information:

This product is packaged with 30CC, 50CC, 100CC, 200CC, 300CC, 500CC, 100CC in stock.

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Product Price:

Best price in the market. Please contact John (info@oxyfree.com) or 1-404-966-7539 for details.


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